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    Julienne in buns (variation)
    This dish is good to have for a party or a picnic or to take at work as a lunch. Ready to serve right after cooking or can be stored in fridge. The microwave oven can be used to warm it up (keep them covered). It’s tasty and practical.
    Main ingredients:
    12 buns
    2 lbs. (1 kg) meat (it is pork on pictures below, but you can use any meat you like – chicken, turkey, beef)
    1 big onion
    2 table-spoons of oil
    Shredded cheese
    Bechamel sauce ingredients:
    500 ml. of milk
    2-3 table-spoons of butter
    1-2 table-spoons of flour
    Put the oil on a frying pan.
    Put the pan on a furnace and switch it to the middle level.
    Chop the onion while the oil is being warmed up on the pan.
    Put the onion on the pan. Don’t cover the pan.
    Increase temperature of the furnace.
    Fry the onion until it turns to golden (approximately 5 min.).
    Stir to avoid overcooking.
    Cut meat into pieces. On the picture I put a tea-spoon to let you define the size of the meat pieces.
    When the onion is ready:
    add meat and stir it.
    Don’t cover.
    Switch furnace to the maximum for 5-7 min. Stir.
    Then put salt and pepper.
    Switch furnace to the middle level and cover the pan.
    Keep it stewing for 20 min. if it’s poultry, 30-40 min. – for pork, 40 min. – for beef.
    Get ready a Bechamel sauce and prepare the buns while meat is being cooked.
    Put butter on a pan and get it melted on the medium heat.
    Add flour and stir it well.
    Cook it for about 2 min. until there is no nubbins and butter is boiling.
    Then add about 120 ml of milk and stir it until it gets smooth.
    Add remaining milk and stir. Make sure there is no nubbins.
    Once the sauce starts boiling take it away from furnace. 
    It’s ready.
    By cooling the sauce down it's getting thicker and dry on the top. Don’t worry, it’s normal.
    Cut out the tops of the buns and accurately take the soft part out. You will not need them in this recipe. The thickness of the bun’s walls shall be about 0.5 inch (about 1 cm). If you have accidentally made a small hole in the bun, just use one of the cut tops to cover it.
    While you are doing the Bechamel sauce and the buns, the meat is being cooked.
    When meat is ready, put the Bechamel sauce on it.
    Stir it.
    Keep cooking for about 5 more min. Don’t cover.
    Take the pan away from the furnace.
    It’s ready.
    Stuff each bun with the meat and sauce.
    Cover a baking tray with a parchment paper (optional).
    Put the stuffed buns on the tray and powder them with the shredded cheese.
    Warm an oven up to 375F (190C).
    Put the tray into the oven for 20-30 min.
    The buns are ready!
    Here on the picture above I didn’t watch the time and the buns have stayed for about 45 min. :)
    Your buns are crispy. If you need to soften them, put a paper towel in a deep dish, put the buns in there. Put another paper towel on top. Cover the dish with a lid and let it stay like this for not shorter than 10 min.
    Enjoy the meal!!!
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