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    Main » Recipes » Soups

    Borsch (Red-beet soup)


    Meat – Pork side rib brisket 900g

    4 potatoes

    1 big onion

    1 sweet pepper

    1/3 of cabbage

    3 small beets or 1 big beet

    2 medium size carrots



    3 bay leaves

    Oil – 3 table-spoons

    Tomato paste 150 ml (i.e. Aylmer)


    3 liters pot

    Frying pan


    Meat broth -  its a key part of a tasty borsch. The more rich the broth is, the more tasty the borsch is.

           fill the pot with 2-2.5 liters of water

           boil it

           add the bay leaves

           add salt and pepper

           add meat (the whole piece)

           cook it till it’s ready on the medium heat


           wash, peel off and cut vegetables: cut the carrot and onion into small cubes; the beet – into thin straws; sweet pepper – into thick straws


           put the oil on the pan and warm it up

           put the onion and carrot on the pan


           cook till it turns to golden color. Stir
           add the beet

           and tomato paste



           cook for about 2 min.

           add the sweet pepper

           cook for 3-5 min.



           chop the cabbage


           cut the potato into big cubes

           when the meat broth is ready, take the meat out of it, put the potato and the sauce, cut the meat into pieces and put it back into the broth


           cook the broth with medium heat till the potato is ready (soft)

           when the potato is ready add the cabbage


           boil it for 10-20 min.


           the borsch is ready

    You can serve it with sour cream, parsley, cilantro, dill, garlic.

    Enjoy the meal!!!
    Category: Soups | Added by: vyi (2009-12-12)
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